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released December 31, 2013

PxS on this release:

Pub Crawl - Lyrix/Vox/Guitar on "Chrissy Eve"/Samples
The Bong - Lyrix/Vox/Guitar
Bucketz - Vox/Good times



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PASSPORTxSHREDDER Broken Head, Australia

Shred your passport, burn down Flight Centre. Where else would you possibly want to go?

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Track Name: Night In The Slamma
Bashing cunts in the Valley
Starting heaps of trouble
Getting searched for pingers
Now I'm in some trouble

Copped a night in the slammer
The missus will be pissed
Copped a night in the slammer
Those sneaky fucking pigs

Campbell Newman is fucked!
Track Name: Wear Ya PASSPORTxSHREDDER Shirt
Dinner at me mum's house; wear your PxS shirt
Best mates wedding; wear ya PxS shirt
Gotta appear in court; wear ya PxS shirt
Missus finally graduated; wear ya PxS shirt
Passy shirt is in the wash; wear ya other PxS shirt
Going in for questioning; wear ya dirty PxS shirt
5th year of toolies; wear ya hi-vis PxS shirt
Can't buy a PxS shirt?; then make a Pxs shirt
Seriously, it's not fucking hard.
Track Name: Chrissy Eve At The Grandy
Even if I only see you once a year
We'll have a fucking chin wag and grab a beer
Hitting on some slut that i used to know
Christmas Eve at the Grandy with the boys, LET'S GO!

Fuck yeahhhhh....

The fucking stink dogs lining up the street
So in the portaloo is wear I'll eat my treats
I got some drink tickets but they weren't cheap
Nah, seriously they weren't and it's fucked!

Popping pingers, punching cunts
Starting fights and smoking blunts
Oi, this DJ cunt is a fuck head!

Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, this cunt's fucking smart eyeing me, aye!
Track Name: Fishin' In The Rain
Stinking fucking hot or pissing down rain
Nothing's gonna stop me from casting out bait
Fishing on the solo or fishing with a mate
Take the Snapper off the line and put it on my plate

Rain, hail or shine
The boys will cast a line
It's fishing time!
Track Name: Burke's Backyard (Cover)
Lyrics from the original TV theme:

Give me a home among the Gumtrees
With lots of Plum trees
A dog or two and a BBQ
Some flowers down the side
Veggies by the fence
All in Burke's backyard!